Dutch Colonial Luxury By Our Southern Reefs

Ayubowan! (May you live long)

When the Dutch were ousted from Ceylon at the turn of the 18th century, they left behind a legacy that filtered into many aspects of our local culture. Beyond influencing culinary treats and sharing certain words, the Dutch also constructed aesthetic spaces with their tasteful sense of architecture.

Perpetuated by a number of landmarks across Sri Lanka, Dutch architecture has long been held in high regard – high enough to earn the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the Galle Fort. Further south in Matara, hotels and other establishments also continue to preserve the colonial heritage of this former Dutch outpost. Our luxury boutique hotel for example, is a true testament to the historical style with wide corridors, wooden doors, coastal courtyards, and even a garden swimming pool that invites you to indulge in one of our southern homes of Sri Lankan hospitality.

Shariz Samsudeen
Resident Manager – Amaloh by Jetwing

A Former Dutch Outpost By Our Southern Seas

Amaloh by Jetwing rests upon two and a half acres of coastal land near the reefs of Polhena Beach, in the historic southern city of Matara.

Luxurious Views Of The Indian Ocean

Modern Amenities In A Coastal Colonial Residence

Beyond the standard facilities that come with any hotel, Amaloh by Jetwing offers a number of active coastal pleasures with the best of Sri Lankan hospitality.
A Private Boutique Hotel
Direct Access To Pristine Waters
Numerous Water Sports And Adventures
"One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! Great stay
in elegant modern style!"
Bethan Lee

A Unique Portion Of The South Coast

Our coastal home in Matara serves as a convenient base to a wealth of unique island experiences that are both locally and globally renowned. From Amaloh by Jetwing, explore a world of colonial history, venture out to adventurous waters, discover our cultural heritage, and even visit the southernmost point of Sri Lanka located a short distance away.

Boutique Dining On Our Tropical Shores


On this island for all seasons, our good fortune is best experienced when shared with you.

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